Sector 9 Dropper – Php 5,950


Sector 9 Dropper
Php 5,950

The Sector 9 2016 Dropper is still crafted from the OG Mini Shaka mold with some added enhancements! The drop through mounting allows for easier initiation of slides, the gas pedals assist you in controlling your slides, and the extended (and fully symmetrical) nose and tail will help you navigate curbs and pedestrians.

There’s also a mild amount of rocker (a downward bend running the length of the deck) between the trucks to help keep your legs in alignment and keep your slides classy.

Length (in): 41
Width (in): 9.625
Wheelbase (in): 29.00


[Step 1]
Kindly text the following details to [0917] 898 1202 or fill out the ORDER FORM below.
1) Complete name
2) Address
3) Item name
4) JRS or LBC
5) Choose your preferred bank (BPI, Metrobank, BDO or LBC)

[Step 2]
Please wait for us to confirm your order. Then we will text the payment details to you.

[Step 3]
Deposit the payment to your preferred payment method. After your payment is confirmed, we will ship the item to the address you provided. By now, you can sit back and wait for it to arrive!

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