Sector 9 Mini Daisy Silver – Php 5,950

s9 mini daisy silver

Sector 9 Mini Daisy Silver – Php 5,950
Length (in): 37.5
Width (in): 9.125
Varying Wheelbase (in): 24.5-25.5
Like her big sister, the Mini Daisy offers the same top-mount rocker concave design just shrunk down into smaller package. Perfect for kids or those who want to shred any type of terrain.

The Mini Daisy is an all around free-ride and downhill machine. The Mini Daisy also offers a tail you’ll get a kick out of. This kick is perfect for hucking blunt slides or popping an ollie while on the push.

If you’re looking to hit the hills and go fast try the Mini Daisy with some Gullwing Charger ll trucks and Sector 9 70mm Race Formula Wheels. Wanna slide? Switch out those Race Forms or a set of Sector 9 Butter Balls.


[Step 1]
Kindly text the following details to [0917] 898 1202 or fill out the ORDER FORM below.
1) Complete name
2) Address
3) Item name
4) JRS or LBC
5) Choose your preferred bank (BPI, Metrobank, BDO or LBC)

[Step 2]
Please wait for us to confirm your order. Then we will text the payment details to you.

[Step 3]
Deposit the payment to your preferred payment method. After your payment is confirmed, we will ship the item to the address you provided. By now, you can sit back and wait for it to arrive!


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